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Administrative Board

North Country EMS is governed by an Administrative Board made up of representatives from the area served. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our service, please feel free to contact a board member or any member of our staff.


District adminstration and staff are available at all reasonable hours to answer questions. The Chief and Shift Supervisors are typically the primary contacts for any comments, questions, or concerns.


Administrative Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes

300 W.Hoag St. Meeting Room


(Citizen Comment Guidelines)

Bob Appling

Rural Yale-Cougar area


Ronald Homola

Town of Yacolt


Lori Homola

Rural Amboy area


Winston Miller



Rebecca Hoffman

USFS Mount St. Helens area

Dale Grams

Skamania County Hospital District



Jerry Olson

Commissioners of Cowlitz County



Clark County EMS District 1


Richard Mahar

Commissioners of Skamania County



Rural Yacolt area


Dr. Lynn Wittwer (Ex-officio)

Clark County Medical Program Director

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