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I received a bill — but I thought residents don’t have to pay out of pocket for services?



If our paramedic was not able to obtain your insurance information during your emergency, we may send you a notice requesting your insurance information. There are no out-of-pocket costs for residents of the EMS District; however, we do bill insurance when available. This helps keep the cost of the levy at the lowest rate possible. We appreciate receiving your information and are then able to stop sending notices.



General Questions



What is the difference between a paramedic and an EMT?



EMTs and paramedics are emergency professionals who have different levels of training and capability. EMTs (Emergency Medical Technicians) are trained to take care of Basic Life Support (BLS) patients. This includes oxygen administration, splinting, emergency childbirth, CPR, AED defibrillation, and much more. Paramedics are trained to handle BLS and Advanced Life Support (ALS) emergencies. Their skills include endotracheal intubation (breathing tubes), IVs, medication administration, simple surgical procedures that restore airway, breathing, and circulation, advanced EKG interpretation and more. EMTs and Paramedics worth together as a team to bring the best care to you in an emergency.

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