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Patient Billing



Residents of the EMS District


It is the policy of the North Country Administrative Board to provide ambulance service for the residents of the EMS District with no out-of-pocket expense. North Country EMS intends to rely on the minimum necessary levy taxes. Along with levy funds, insurance payments are a vital part of continuing our emergency medical service.


There are a few times when you might receive correspondence from us:


You may receive an inquiry for insurance information and/or a request to sign a form allowing us to bill your insurance.


You should always receive a service questionnaire. We are continually striving to provide service excellence and we want to know how we’re doing.


Non Residents of the EMS District


Nonresident patients are billed for our emergency medical services. We bill your insurance, and any co-payments and deductibles are the responsibility of the patient.


We collect all nonresident bills in full.


Any patient who would like a copy of our complete billing policy may contact us at 360-686-3271

Thank you for letting us serve you.

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