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Woman Rescued by NCEMS and VRT Tells Her Story

"We soon heard voices calling out for us and two very friendly EMTs from the North Country EMS Rescue Unit arrived. They performed a complete medical assessment, stabilized my injured leg, and relayed further detail to the SAR team via radio.

About 20 minutes later, a crew of six members from The Volcano Rescue Team arrived, carrying more emergency supplies, rescue equipment, and a single-wheel basket. They quickly loaded me up, made sure I was secure and feeling okay, and proceeded to wheel, carry, and pull me out of the forest over two miles of single-track to the staging area, where the Sheriff was directing from.

They transported us back to our car at the trailhead, which was a little over ten miles south of where they took me out. It was confirmed the next day that I fractured my fibula and tore both lateral ligaments."

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